What’s Wrong With Being Nice on Social Media? Lighten up will ya!

I’ve been called so many names on Facebook that I’m at the point of just not going there apart from my Groups, some are as simple as “Snowflake” which seems to just mean that I’m a little too liberal and accepting, but many others are unprintable and I’ve had to block the offenders. I know this is often mentioned but I do feel that it should be regulated in some form, though I’m not sure how. As a Writer I’m against censorship, people don’t have to buy my erotic books or sympathise with the story, but on Facebook and Twitter or even Instagram it seems that people feel they have the right to insult or be offensive to people they don’t even know. In my personal group even, I’ve sent out invitations along with a photograph to build my readership and engage with friends, but still someone came back with a few comments criticising my Jacket, and a “who are you? I’m more famous than you!” I just blocked the guy immediately but why did he feel that he had the right to insult someone he didn’t even know. It’s the equivalent of someone shouting obscenities at you while walking down the road.
With Politics the data freaks should not even be allowed to target, or tinker and I do believe in censorship there. By our nature all politics and opinions will be split, it’s Yin and Yang and the population will generally be half and half either way, with maybe a little swing and it is that swing that politicians are after influencing. The problem is that feelings now are pumped so high that it assists the sort of bullying that allows the lowest common denominator in to shout loudly. Those of us who prefer reasoned debate are just shouted down and that is fascism.
When I was a kid in London, politics was accepted and almost friendly, we took it for granted that you were one side or the other. People put banners out or posters in their windows, and I remember delivering leaflets for my parents and not having any problems, it was fun. Now I see people commenting that you shouldn’t indoctrinate your kids and the like. Overreaction and indignity are everywhere. It all seems so divisive since the advent of social media and I feel that there should be some form of regulation. When people seem happy to believe proven bullies and liars for their leaders just because they are of the same viewpoint is the norm now. The negative energy pushed out into the atmosphere from all the anger and hot air should be bottled and used to power light bulbs. Maybe that’s what I mean when I say, “lighten up will ya.”



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