If you get trained in First Aid by one of the official organisations such as the St. John’s Ambulance Association or the Red Cross that training will be with you forever, you can get certification which can be renewed and updated over the years or your employer might even pay you a small supplement on your salary for being their representative in case of emergencies.

There is no doubt that a trained First Aider can save lives.

The Red Cross website says it all “Simple actions save lives” and these days you can even download an App that will give you instant advice in many situations.

The St. John Ambulance organisation is the primary trainer and provider of first aid courses throughout the United Kingdom and is run by volunteers.

They provide support at many sporting occasions and I’ve seen them in action at club level on a Saturday afternoon.

They regularly treat things like broken limbs at football and rugby matches on a first response basis thereby saving lives and saving precious hospital time later.



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