The Unexpected Guest

It’s always just been me and my was always the both of us against the world.We had an unbreakable bond,well we were inseparable until the unexpected guest came knocking at our door. For me it was a normal afternoon and my mum just came back from working her afternoon shift, most likely both of us were too exhausted to even clean up the house.We never had guests over and my mum didn’t have any friends because of how much she worked,and I was anti social so I didn’t have any friends.Since we had no-one we just called ourselves `Bestfriends’ and were each other’s rocks.Everything was fine until HE came
The doorbell rang,and it did not stop ringing.l was doing my homework and I wondered why my mum didn’t answer the door,more importantly who could even be coming to OUR house?.I screamed from upstairs “MOM!!!!”,but there was no answer.Suddenly my phone vibrated with a text from my mother saying ‘Sorry had to work an extra shift today, make the guest feel at home xoxo’. I squinted at the word ‘guest’ and didn’t understand what was going on_Anyways,1 went ahead and opened the door slightly and a tall shadow hovered over me.I was about to slam the door shut when a leg got stuck in between and I heard an eerie voice say “Excuse me miss is this the slander residence?”.The voice continued and said “Miss Victoria Slander invited me over,’ was asking if this is the right place?”.
That’s when it occurred to me,this was the guest my mum texted me about.! exhaled and opened the door fully and said with my head facing the ground “Yes this is the right residence”,even though he didn’t hear me he pushed me out of the way and came in and before he continued walking he turned around and said “Were you saying something miss’?” With a smug look on his face he turned around and sat on the chaial closed the door shut and was about to go back to my room when he stopped me mid-way and “I don’t know if your mother taught you manners but I believe this is not how you treat a guest”.At this point I was enraged and walked back down and stood in front of him,head up high with crossed arms and said “Look I don’t know who you are or how you know my mum but storming into MY house and acting like the boss isn’t how we do things around here and you don’t say things you don’t know anything about”.
I felt good letting everything out and with a smug look in my face I was about to walk back to my room when he grabbed me by my arm and threw me onto the floor and slapped me across the face and said “I don’t know anything about you and your mother but I do know you are a spoiled brat who needs to learn her place!”.At that time i heard the door creak open and my mum was standing there and she walked up to him and stood by his side and looked down at me with a disgusted look and said “Clearly you need to be taught a lesson Mia,but this time it won’t be me teaching you,say hello to your new disciplinary teacher Mr. Frank Edward”.
It’s been two and a half months now and things have changed and i don’t mean it on a good way.My mum still works long hours to provide for the both of us,but what I find weird is she gives all of her tips to Mr.Edward.He dropped me out of school because apparently I ‘lack manners’.I do most of the cleaning and some days he would make me follow a recipe that he found at the back of a newspaper.
I barely get to see my friends or my mum because HE keeps on putting too much housework on me.l just wish things would go back to the way they were before the unexpected guest came knocking on our door.

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