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I am the writer and researcher for many of the blogs and articles on this web site and would like to thank the owners for allowing me to also write a piece on my own stories and background.

I am celebrating 2 positives regarding my work this week. Firstly, I am being featured in a New York based digital magazine called “The Universal Breakthrough” which features up and coming authors and writers of interest. They have just exceeded 500,000 subscribers on-line and they are featuring different aspects of my writing over the next 3 months. I have added here the first write-up that their editorial team has produced about me and my novels.

“Today or Later, Dreams do come true.”

“As kids, we used to think that life is a matter of having dreams and that the process of going to school is a gate pass to reach it. However, as we grow older and as reality confronts us, we know too well that life is much more complicated than it has ever been during our childhood years. Our author Brian George is one of those lucky few who have always known what he wanted to do in life. Since his younger years, Brian George is certain of wanting to be a writer. However, just like most of us — he never had the chance to pursue his passion early since writing as a profession does not equate that much in monetary value in a capitalist system.

Brian George worked his way up to life in international construction and engineering projects; thus, he got to enjoy some perks of traveling across different countries and continents. Although his work and childhood dream seemingly do not coincide, he still finds his way through life to get his job done while never leaving behind his passion for writing. As someone who loves reading and writing, the fire and passion of pursuing it never left Brian George’s heart.



And so, he started his writing journey way before he even started publishing his works. His books, specifically the “Face and Justice” or “Dream Team Adventure,” depict the places he visited and worked with. And more than the geographical content, the trilogy is wonderfully created together with the narrative of people and the human interaction in various settings. His masterpiece shows true human relations, morality, synchrony of culture and religion, and in times that there’s a lack thereof.

His works are worth every minute spent, unlike other books in the market that are pure fiction; Brian George’s works are a mixture of fictitious characters and real-life encounters. His writings are a compilation and collage of his experiences and imagination under various life circumstances. Treat yourself with this page-turner trilogy and be engulfed into the world of Barry, Stella, and Annie. Feel the thrill and excitement of how these main characters developed and shifted throughout the trilogy.

Above all, Brian George is a great reminder that dreams do not fade away that easily and that sooner or later, we will have our time to do the things that we always dreamt of. He is a reminder that we always have that chance to pursue our life goals as long as we persevere. From his nine complete novels, 7 of these were already out and are self-published. We have a man of inspiration right here, someone who always believed that all things are possible with firm determination and passion.   

More of Brian George and his works at

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The 2nd Positive high of this week is that I’ve been approached by a renowned movie producer about using the 3rd book in my “Dream Team” trilogy for a TV/Movie series possibility. I proceed with caution because I often get emails from production companies and literary agents that turn out to be false or phishing attempts to get me to buy a publishing package or screenwriting from a company. The unfortunate side of being a writer is that we get our hopes and dreams built up only to be let down time and time again, either by these fraudsters or by genuine rejection mails from genuine literary agents. If you don’t want your ego bruised or your imposter syndrome confirmed, don’t ever be a writer. I’ll keep you all posted on how this possibility proceeds.

The Dream Team Trilogy

The first of the books was originally published as “The Dream Team,” but once I had written that story I had to carry on with more adventures. The stories just flowed from me every morning on rising.

After I had written the following 2 books, I felt that I had to re-title the first as “Face and Justice,” and make it the “Face” series as a part of the “Dream Team Adventures.”

The Face series now consists of:

  • Face and Justice
  • Face and Honour
  • Face, Fire, and Morality?

I have been featured in various interviews online and elsewhere, you can read a great example at

I have now completed a 4th in the Dream Team adventures, adding some new characters. Now it goes under the working title of “Laws: Break ‘em.” I need to get it professionally edited before I publish and am not sure whether it will become part of another trilogy or just run on as a stand-alone novel. After I’ve initially written a novel I leave it alone for about a month or 6 weeks before reading through another 3 times editing myself as I go before then submitting to a Content Editor.

My Novels can be bought online. and on Amazon at:

I write as Brian George for my more normal commercial novels in the Adventure Crime Fiction genre.

I also write as Byron George for the naughtier erotic genre along with poetry, and have many blogs and articles on

I have many social media accounts, links below, where you are welcome to join me or even contact me via this website or on those others. I always endeavor to respond personally. y{B�j/��




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The Blog Writer … Brian George

Brian George I am the writer and researcher for many of the blogs and articles on this web site and would like to thank