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We often hear that people visit their local Accident & Emergency clinic at hospital rather than wait for a GP appointment. Most of the time that visit can be avoided and therefore save time for a doctor who might be better used on a more serious injury. In my case I fell and could not move until a couple of good Samaritans came to my assistance. I was asked if I needed to go to hospital or the local GP but my personal knowledge of the particular trauma and how to treat it meant that I could treat myself. I had pulled my thigh muscles badly but knew that with self-physiotherapy I’d be ok in a week or two. The use of the acronym R.I.C.E. which stands for Rest Ice Compression Elevation has assisted me on many occasions and doing some basic checking online can show you the way forward. On doing that I learnt that the latest best practice is M.I.C.E. which stands for Movement Ice Compression Elevation. Current thought amongst sports physios is to get you moving and stretching as quickly as possible. Obviously if I felt that my injury was worse I would have consulted my GP, but I make a habit of knowing and listening to my body. It is now 2 weeks on from that fall and despite some stiffness in my thigh muscle and the massive discolouration of the bruising I am moving almost normally. These injuries have a habit of taking longer to heal as you get older, thereby proving that my decision not to take up any time of the much-needed doctors was right.

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