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Prostrate Cancer

By Osagie Fadaka

There are many symptoms of Prostate cancer. It is a common disease that often occurs in men over the age of fifty onwards into old age. It happens when the prostate gland becomes enlarged.

  1. When you go for a pee you stop frequently.
  2. You get the urge to go to pee often.
  3. You want to go for a pee or empty your bowel often during the night.
  4. You get pain or irritation when you go for a pee.
  5. Blood in your urine or other odd colours when you pee.
  6. Chronic constipation.
  7. Lower back pain.
  8. Soreness or pain in the upper thighs or groin area.
  9. Hip pain.
  10. You want to pee constantly.

 What is the prostate?

It is a gland the size of a walnut situated between the bladder and the penis. It is a part of the male

reproductive system. It aids the production of semen.

If you feel that you have any symptoms of those it is easy to get a doctor to either get a blood test or even do a quick rectal examination. Doctors have the experience of feeling inside for any enlargement of the gland.

There is a very high cure rate, over 85%, if you get diagnosed early and most men who have been treated for Prostate cancer survive for more than ten years afterwards with the rate of survival in the UK having tripled in the past 40 years.

Many prostate cancer treatments work by reducing the level of testosterone and other hormones that tumours rely on for growth. Sometimes the cancer can become resistant to this treatment. Researchers have now discovered a protein (JMJD6) that is causing that resistance to cancer treatments and are hopeful of producing a drug that will isolate that protein and even assist in fighting ovarian, colon, and lung cancers.


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