The Dream Team’s Action-Packed Exploits Continue!

After exacting his revenge on corrupt British bankers, Barry Parker’s adventures continue, this time in the East. “New Blood, New Targets” await in this thrilling continuation of Brian George’s “Face and Justice Series” that follows London underworld underdog Barry Parker and his femme fatale allies as they travel the world, seeking to right wrongs with their own rough brand of justice.

It begins when Barry’s colleague, the formidable Annie Xiao Ying, fends off an attempted attack in Hong Kong. The pair engage the assailants, but in the melee, Barry is shot and nearly killed. It turns out that Chinese State Security has targeted her, meaning that the Dream Team faces its deadliest opponents yet – the ruthless agents of world power. This is a far cry from a cabal of British bankers or criminal syndicates. Now, they must use all of their resources, their cunning, and their contacts, that network of sympathetic souls and savvy operators who have retained some morality, to outfox the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

This installment focuses on Annie, a character based on a real acquaintance of the author’s, a femme fatale who embodies independent women capable of handling themselves in rough situations, who can do what it takes to survive in the cutthroat world of soldiers and spies, agents and mercenaries. George also shows readers the Dream Team’s truly multinational network of allies and how they have to rely on one another to stand a chance against globe-spanning criminal conspiracies, amoral corporations, and even intelligence agencies.


Skill, toughness, the ability to get down and dirty while nonetheless abiding by certain principles is what gives the likes of Barry, Annie, and their Dream Team an edge against those who act without conscience and serve the agendas of powerful organizations that treat common people as mere statistics. In a way, these are modern-day Robin Hoods, who, in their own way, are making their stand and get back at those who act with impunity, who are normally considered untouchable. No matter their position, the Dream Team can reach them… and get even.


In a world of growing inequality and callousness, where ordinary people feel hopeless against looming crises such as the pandemic, climate change and economic conditions set to ruin them while enriching a select few, George’s work touches that feeling, that urge, to do something about the unfair conditions and those who would take advantage of the powerless. The castaways and vagabonds of the Dream Team represent everyday people who do have it in them to rise to the occasion and beat the odds, not only individually but as a group of diverse allies complementing each other’s unique gifts and abilities for a righteous cause.


About the Author

Brian George is a freelance copywriter, novelist, and entrepreneur who enjoys traveling. Earlier in his career, he has worked in construction and engineering sites in many management roles. He has written nine books and self-published seven so far. His characters are derived from fragments of his personality, and his narratives are loosely based on real people and places.


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